The House of
the Free Beagles !

Give beagles the happiness they give us

Beagles of Burgundy is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering a true life to beagles that have been used for scientific research in laboratories.

We travel throughout the world to rescue beagles as soon as we are notified that laboratory protocols have ended and the dogs are scheduled for euthanasia. We stand ready to help any experimental laboratory looking for an alternative to euthanasia.

We shelter beagles at our House of the Free Beagles, in Burgundy, in France. We care for them; we acclimate them to live a normal Free Beagle life among people. We encourage them to play, to discover, and to learn by letting go of their fears.

When they have developed confidence in human beings, we look for families who will adopt them and love them forever.

Beagles of Burgundy
is a non-profit organization
3-5 rue de l'Ancien Hôtel de Ville
89450 Vézelay - FRANCE
+33 (0) 6 60 60 21 43 / +33 (0) 6 20 74 12 97