Moments of the Free Beagles !

July 2021

Return to Life

After several months of stillness at the Maison des Beagles Libres because of the health situation, we welcome nine females aged 2 to 5 years, rescued from animal testing. They are in good physical and mental health, in demand for affection and terribly endearing. Their rehabilitation is fast, and the adopters are delighted.

February 2021

Bonnie’s been adopted

After eight months of rehabilitation, Bonnie is leaving the Maison des Beagles Libres. It is both a victory and a challenge. Since she arrived, we have tried everything with this dog who is afraid of humans as well as other dogs. But we’ve gradually seen her taking refuge into the freedom we have given her.

August 2020

6 months,
75 beagles saved

After just six months, our association has saved 75 beagles from animal experimentation. Almost all of them have since been adopted and are leading happy lives. Some of them need more time to learn to live like a free beagle. Some come running to us, others have difficulty approaching us.

June 2020

with Bonnie,
the frightened survivor

Survivor of a laboratory, Bonnie arrived in a state of terror at our House of the Free Beagles. Apparently attracted neither to dogs nor to humans, she began her rehabilitation in complete listlessness.
 Lorraine, who adopted
a happy ex-lab beagle named Chico at BoB
and was trained in “animal communication”
wanted to “talk” to her.

March 2020

30 days

30 beagles saved

60 days

30 beagles adopted

In 30 days and three trips, BoB saved 30 young beagles used for research by a European laboratory.
Sheltered with Virginie at the House of the Free Beagles, they gradually adapted to the freedom to play and run in the fields, to life in a home and to living with other animals and humans.

December 27, 2019

First European rescue

Just after Christmas, we got a call and took off for a laboratory in another country and returned with 9 young beagles. Born in the United States at a “purpose-bred” facility, they had been sold to a lab in Europe, put in captivity and used for scientific testing. Once freed and living at BoB, the beagles quickly learned what real life is and, happily, were quickly adopted.

Christmas 2019

The first construction phase is completed

For sleeping and for resting during the day: a calm, safe cottage, warm and full of light and air. A separate space is dedicated to beagles with specific needs, such as the need to be isolated until they can be acclimated.

Outside, there are two enclosed spaces for relaxing, running and playing: a grassy yard surrounding the cottage and a larger meadow that invites the beagles to explore nature safely.

november 2019

The work begins

November saw the beginning of work on the House of Beagles : a cottage for the beagles and two enclosed spaces for relaxing and exercising, safe and secure, in the heart of the 30 acres land.


Rescuing beagles
in China

In July and December of 2018, BoB went to rescue beagles in China.

On our first missions as BoB, we went to China three times to rescue a total of 25 beagles from a breeder who services laboratories and restaurants (!) and who had been closed down by the Chinese government. Dogs scheduled for death had been temporarily saved by a benevolent Chinese woman. We took the beagles to California, where they were all adopted.

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