Adopt a beagle

When you adopt a beagle who has survived life in a lab,
you are not adopting a carefree puppy.
You are giving a family to an animal who has suffered for us.
You are not only welcoming a pet home – you are saving an animal.

Adopt a Free Beagle

These animals have lived through trauma. They need patience and kindness so they can feel confidence in people and they can banish their fears.
We begin by  meeting with families who would like to adopt, helping them to understand what to expect and to get ready to meet the special needs of laboratory beagle. Your beagle will need the nearly constant presence of a family member during the first several weeks of adoption, so he or she can become used to getting attention. You will need to help your beagle get adjusted to a new environment, all the more dramatic because of being raised in a cage. We can assure you that your beagle will adapt quickly to its new life, becoming a joyful and affectionate companion, and a beloved member of your family.

How to adopt a Beagle

At the House of the Free Beagles, we do not permanently offer beagles for adoption as in a shelter.

We organize beagle rescue missions wherever we can, then we take the survivors in small groups so that we can take care of each one, learn to know their personality and their special needs, and make them discover the real life of a free beagle in a real inhabited house.

Here is how adoptions are done at BoB :

• If you want to adopt a beagle rescued by BoB, register by filling out the form here, by sending a request or a message on our Facebook page BeaglesofBurgundy, by contacting us by email at, or phone at +33..(0)6..60..60..21..43 or by snail mail.

• We will send you a detailed questionnaire to return, along with a message expressing your interest, and photos and/or videos of your environment.

• First we will organize a meeting at your home or by video call to better understand the future living conditions of the beagle and your state of mind;

• We will quickly inform you of our decision: either favorable, or we may have additional questions, there may be adjustments to be made…;

• When we carry out a rescue, the rehabilitation phase begins at the House of the Free Beagles; we get to know our new survivors; we observe their behavior and we choose for them the adopters whom we consider most suited to their profile. Yet our mission does not stop with the final choice by simply matching a BoB with an adopter. The next phase is decisive;

• If we have selected you among the most suitable applicants, we will contact you and invite you to come to La Maison des Beagles Libres to spend time with all the surviving beagles that are present, a day or even a night in our Bed & Beagle, and you will be “chosen” by the beagle you will love forever.
This is a momentous time for the Beagle, for you and for us. Even if you fell for a beagle on Facebook, it is not certain that on site you feel the same bond and that you still want to share your life with him or her. You have the right to change your mind, to hesitate, and to give up.
We also reserve the right to express an opinion, advice, encouragement, or sometimes reluctance, on the quality of the meeting.
It will also depend on the “opinion” of the beagle, the quality of the communication that will be established between you and one of our survivors. Another beagle may come to you and you will decide that it is this one for life…
You must allow time to this meeting; it is an important and exciting moment.

• If you have received our agreement but have not yet been contacted, you will be invited to the House of the Free Beagles after a future rescue depending on the personality of the survivors

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Thanks to your donations, Beagles of Burgundy will be able to provide for all the beagles’needs as they embark on their new lives. Donations help provide veterinary care, healthy food, comfort and security,
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