30 days

30 beagles saved

60 days

30 beagles adopted

In 30 days and three trips, BoB saved 30 young beagles used for research by a European laboratory.
Sheltered with Virginie at the House of the Free Beagles, they gradually adapted to the freedom to play and run in the fields, to life in a home and to living with other animals and humans. With the dogs thus rehabilitated and prepared for adoption, 30 families or single people came to meet them and pick one of them. Each time we saw a survivor beagle and their new owner leave the House, it looked as though each adopter had come to look for their missing link. Indestructible bonds were created between Virginie and the rescued beagles, between Virginie and the people to whom she entrusted them. These ties are now strengthening between the 30 beagles and the 30 families who adopted them in only 60 days. The BoB adventure will continue : It’s only a beginning.

Beagles of Burgundy
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