Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1 – Who are the founders of BoB ?

Virginia Mouseler, co-Founder and Executive Director of The Wit, an international audiovisual research company. Background: Agrégation of Philosophy degree; Doctorate in Psychoanalysis; Superior School of Economic Science and Business (ESSEC), Paris.
Bertrand Villegas, co-Founder and Managing Director of The Wit, an international audiovisual research company. Background: Sciences Po, Paris; Superior School of Economic Science and Business (ESSEC), Paris.
Isabelle Regnier, Graphic designer, Webmaster, Community Manager.

2 – Why do beagles need our help ?

Because beagles are among the animals most favored by pharmaceutical companies throughout the world for medical and beauty-product experimentation. And although they could go on to live their lives after they are no longer useful, they are generally euthanized. Happily, some countries encourage an alternative: rehabilitation and adoption.

3 – Why are beagles so popular for laboratory use ?

Because they are gentle and docile, and they do not respond violently when harmed.

4 – What happens to the beagles in laboratories ?
Beagles are used for testing medicines and vaccines; for determining the irritation level of dermatological products and eye treatments; to test the growth of cancers, and the success of organ transplants and cardiac surgery; they are used in embryonic research.

5 – Where do the beagles rescued by Beagles of Burgundy come from ?

We rescue beagles around the world by taking them from laboratories at the end of experimental protocols, or from partner organizations that are also engaged in the fight to end animal suffering.

If you work in a lab where beagles are destined for euthanasia, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

6 – How does a dog that has been saved from a laboratory behave ?

Surviving beagles, who grew up in cages their entire lives, need to learn about everything: grass and nature; how to respond to their names; how to play, to be on a leash, to stay clean, and to understand commands. They are puppies in adult dogs’ bodies. Beagles of Burgundy helps them understand what it means to be alive and acclimates them to their new life. The trauma of their past makes them fearful at first, but if they are loved and protected, they quickly recover and embrace their new lives.

7 – May I go see the beagles at The House of the Free Beagles ?

Yes, The House of the Free Beagles is open to the public by appointment.

8 – What are BoB’s financial resources ?

BoB is financed through our personal resources, member dues, private donations and from sponsors (dog food, supplies, dog training equipment, etc.).  If you would like to become a member of BoB, click here : Become a Member

If you would like to make a donation, click here : Make a Donation

If you would like to become a BoB sponsor, click here : Become a Sponsor

9 – Can I get a tax receipt for my donation ?

Yes. Beagles of Burgundy issues a tax receipt allowing donors a tax deduction for the donation.

10 – What does "cruelty free" mean ?

This guarantees the consumer that the finished product contains absolutely no ingredient that was tested on an animal.

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